Sin Confections

Sin Confections

Sin Confections is all about making treats that look magical and taste sublime. Our small size lets us experiment and create custom edible art. We use a variety of different chocolates in making our confections. Different applications require different chocolates. All our chocolate comes from sustainably grown sources. Some of our chocolate we make ourselves via bean to bar. Working with confections and chocolates for over 20 years has given us an unlimited pallet of possibilities for the expression of art and for your taste buds. We love to go to work and create something different. 

Sin Confections does not have a storefront. It operates out of a totally modern 1903 Carriage House in Bluff Park. The inside of the studio is one large mural. Our love of design continues in the chocolates that we make. Organic gardens are in both front and back yards. Many of the flavors come from ingredients that we have backyard sourced: fruits, herbs, spices and flowers. At Sin Confections we grow organically and fertilize with house made compost. Our plants eat well so you can too!

Our home kitchen is licensed by the City of Long Beach, CA, which permits us to sell to restaurants, retailers, and individuals. We are inspected by the City of Long Beach Health Department annually upon which our license is predicated. Sin is open by appointment only and several times a year for open house taste testing.

Stop by Sin Confections and try some edible art, the gardens, and the murals and truly enjoy your food while sampling some of the confections!

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