Robin K Smith

Robin K Smith

Robin was born and raised in California.  She lives in Long Beach with husband, Philip and children, Jacob and Hannah.  Robin received her BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry from California State University, Long Beach.  Her professional experience includes:

Architectural Metalsmithing & Jewelry

Toy design & Illustration

Furniture & Garden Design

“The roots of my art have always been influenced by the fact that I am an inveterate collector of all things and that I am fascinated to obsession by the process of decay.”

A Note To Self

Memories are like envelopes.

Precious things held folded in paper.

Eventually, they deteriorate, evaporate, and disappear,

but until they do, they hold the power to transport

you to another place in time.

Written words, the threads that lead you to memories.

These pieces explore the threads of my memories,

how fragile they are,

with the envelopes as little storage facilities

and those memories wafting in and out.

I’m holding them in my mind for now.

But, ultimately, they will be gone.

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