Maureen Vastardis

Maureen Vastardis

The major focus of my work is photography and watercolor. The different mediums allow me to express various sensibilities. Photography is about capturing a special moment as well as exploring the abstract qualities of subjects in nature and architecture. I strive to find an unusual angle, perspective or lighting that challenges the usual way of viewing the subjects. I do very little editing or altering  of my photographs. 

My paintings of landscapes, nature and still life reflects observation and study expressed with my own unique vision and mood. My objective is to create thoughtful, engaging work so the viewer will want to linger. 


Torrance Art Museum: South Bay Focus,  Long Beach Museum of Art: Art Auction XVI,  Location 1980, Costa Mesa, Michael Stearns Gallery, San Pedro,  ArtX, Long Beach, Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach Art League, Beyond the Lines Gallery, Los Angeles, Front Porch Gallery, Carlsbad, OCCCA, Santa Ana, Oceanside Museum of Art. 

Finalist: Artillery Magazine CODE ORANGE: 

Nov/Dec 2018, Jan/Feb 2019, Mar/April 2019                                


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