Marka Burns

Marka Burns

Marka Burns taught art education at California State University Long Beach from 1981-2012. She also trained teachers through the Getty Education Program, as well as taking students to Europe through the CSULB Study Abroad abroad program. She continues to serve the art department as a supervisor of student teachers.

For many years Burns was represented by GLDC Arts in Los Angeles. Her work is in a number of corporate as well as private collections.

Artist Statement

I collect images in a variety of ways depending on the meaning and intention of the work. I use transparencies, photographs, old books, magazine images, and the internet to create unexpected combinations in my artwork.

Since working more with digital and mixed media my process has changed some what but it always starts with a consuming interest in a subject..

I am particularly drawn to the idea of trying to capture a feeling or a thought that is elusive and ephemeral, that unless it takes on a visual form it will be gone forever. Capturing my ideas is a bit like catching butterflies without a net.

Once I am working on a series I let myself go where the images, colors, textures and ideas take me.

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