Joanne Morris

Joanne Morris

A California native, Joanne Morris has been painting since her twenties.  As an impressionist painter, she enjoys sharing the love of art.

Her paintings reflect the beauty and romance experienced while traveling in Europe, Mexico & romantic California places.  This inspires her to paint; the colorful architecture, beautiful seascapes, vineyards, cafes and inviting landscapes of each memory.

Joanneā€™s work has been purchased by collectors across the nation, Canada, and Australia.  Wine labels from Luccio, Italian wine, Cardella winery in California use her artwork.  She is also represented by Roaring Brook Art Publishing, NY and Artwork on Tile, South Carolina.

Joanne has shown her work in Zantman Gallery, Carmel, CA, Andrews Gallery, Richmond, VA, Cove Gallery in Laguna Beach and Laguna Art-a-Fair.

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