Dave Clark

Dave Clark

A good 40 years, Dave Clark was making tables and wall constructions, which led to numerous shows of his constructions as well as representation of his furniture through design centers in both Miami and Laguna Beach. He drifted away from his art once he became an Educator, shifting his energy to meeting the needs of his students. Since retiring, he has returned to his art and designs with a vengeance.

His inspiration comes from the patterns and complexities found in electrical substations and common objects, shapes, materials, and patterns. He loves repetition and order, as well as playing natural surfaces against those manipulated with other materials. To counter-balance the potential of sterility and sameness, one can find a sense of humor and playfulness in his various pieces.

He sees his tables as more dysfunctional than functional, though many are…well, rather functional.

Select tables can be found at:

Made by Millworks, 240 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA  90802

Metropolitan Furniture Design, 3490 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA  90803

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