Cody Lusby

Cody Lusby

Cody Lusby lives and works in Long Beach, California

Cody is a painter focused on contemporary realism.  His work is divided into different series.  Each theme has multiple paintings focused on modern and present concepts.  Though the bodies of work vary with ideas, the main focus is to evolve painting forward.  To create this progression he has three consisting elements running through his paintings.  Time represented by segmentation, motion expressed by the blurring of the painted subject matter and place solidified by a photo collaged background.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest (B: 1978, Portland, OR.), Cody was raised in the Southern California. He attended Orange County High School of the Arts. In 1996, on a scholarship he won through the “Festival of the Arts”, he attended Laguna College of Art and Design.  After college Cody worked a variety of art related jobs picking up skills and techniques that are vital to the quality and professionalism that define him as an artist.

In 2009 Cody landed his first solo show, “Mustachio rides again” with the gallery called Art from the Hive in Santa Ana, California. In that show he displayed how he metamorphosed from his classically trained roots into a contemporary realist. Since that first solo show Cody has developed his artwork into a full time career.


2000 BFA, Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, CA

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Michael Stearns Studio, San Pedro, CA “Arid West”

2017 Vacant Gallery Space,  Laguna Beach, CA  “Water Wars Pop Up Show”

2016 Curbside Gallery, Santa Ana, CA “Water Wars”

2015 Curbside Gallery, Santa Ana, CA “Time Paradox”

2013 Design Matters, Los Angeles, CA “Goodbye Butterfly”

2012 Cannibal Flower, Los Angeles, CA “Featured Artist”

2012 Curbside Gallery, Santa Ana, CA “I Stole this Off Your Facebook”

2012 Design Matters, Los Angeles, CA “Building a Brick”

2011 Rothick Art Haus, Anaheim, CA “Tales from Skid Row”

2011 Curbside Gallery, Santa Ana, CA “Modern Romance and the Illusive Dream”

2010 Harvey’s, Los Angeles, CA “This Ain’t your Mama’s Mustache”

2009 Art From the Hive, Santa Ana, CA “Mustachio Rides Again”

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 FRBA, Redondo Beach, CA “CA 101”

2018 The Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA “10 Year Anniversary”

2018 Art Exchange, Long Beach, CA “Art in New Place”

2018 Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA “California Cool”

2017 Newberry Lofts, Long Beach, CA “Art in Place”

2017 Gladys Artist Co-Op, Long Beach, CA “Winter Exhibitions”

2017 Long Beach Open Studio Tour, Long Beach, CA

2017 Magowski Art Complex, Fullerton, CA “Small but Mighty”

2017 Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA “California Cool”

2016 DAC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA “Summer Group Exhibition”

2016 Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA “California Cool”

2016 The Art Church, Los Angeles, CA “Cannibal Flower 15th Anniversary”

2015 PAS Gallery, Fullerton, CA “Sex, Violence and the American Way”

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