Bob Rosenfield

Bob Rosenfield

Working with wood is both a passion and a creative canvas. It offers me the joy of taking a piece of wood and exposing the inner beauty that is later reflected outside by surface texture and form. Wood is a living medium of natural wonder and timeless beauty, invoking more feeling of warmth than any other materials I have worked with.

My abstract sculptures originate from natural pieces of wood that inspire me to create their final shapes. I try to manipulate the natural colors and figure in the wood to complement the form. I will often highlight characteristics in the wood that some consider flaws. Generally the wood dictates the form, but my design ideas and skills are used to transform the wood to a finished piece of art.

My vessel form pieces begin by splitting the log with a chainsaw, rounding the shape on a bandsaw and then putting this rounded shape on the lathe. Once turned into a vessel form, the piece is removed from the lathe, some of the pieces are transformed further by power carving tools, rasps and many hours of hand work. My varied forms of expression in or on the piece; painting, piercing, carving, burning, all add to the visual and tactical contrasts of the finished work. When completed, each piece stands as my unique artistic statement of form, texture and natural color. All pieces are one of a kind.

My creations come from a combination of domestic and exotic woods. Many of the woods I use are from fallen or cut trees and others are imported from countries around the world. After the piece is completely sanded, I use various oils to enhance the beauty of the wood and once dry, follow with a wax or polishing system to create a smooth and sensuous finish on each piece.

My wood art pieces have been exhibited at gallery shows and awarded prizes in several juried shows and many of my one of a kind art works are in the hands of private collectors.

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