Aia White-Podue

Aia White-Podue

I started drawing/painting my symbolic imagery professionally around 1996, selling my artwork in a couple of local stores here in Long Beach, California.  In 1999, I took an 11-yr hiatus to concentrate on other creative endeavors as well as my transcription business.  In 2011, I was ready to return to my original form of artistic expression: painting and drawing.  I use both colored pencil on paper and acrylic on canvas and wood. 

My husband Nick and I opened our studio, Luna Rising, in 2014.  We then began making reproductions, prints, cards, and wearable art made from my originals.  These are sold from our studio, at outside art shows, and in various local stores.  

In March of 2017, I began an offshoot project called LUNA upRISING project, in which I make small originals for donations only; 100% of the proceeds goes to six local progressive organizations two times a year (currently DSA-LB, LBAPN, LGBTQ Center, Californians for Justice, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice and MFSO).  I am happy to note that I’ve been able to donate a few thousand dollars over the last couple of years. 

My art is in homes and businesses across the U.S., London, Saudi Arabia, as well as in a converted ancient Buddhist temple in Nara, Japan.  

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